Bio Steve Studio was established by Steve Nakazawa Hewitt in 2015 and is based in Seattle, WA.
We have a team of designers and developers that help implement the strategic and visual goals that the client and Bio Steve Studio collaborate on during the discovery phase of each project.

Some of our skills include building organization and campaign websites using CMS platforms such as WordPress, ExpressionEngine and Drupal, as well as integrating websites with the leading membership and donor management CRM tools. We also have experience with creating microsites and are familiar with email design best practices and implementation.

On the print side, Bio Steve Studio also creates identity/branding solutions and other print projects like annual reports, brochures and campaign posters.



The first step of our process is to gather as much background information about your organization, the project, budget and schedule. We have a project planner that we send out that ask questions about your audience, competitors, goals/objectives and demographics. We find out more about your needs and what actions you want people to take. Finally, we cover the visual aspect; talk about your existing brand, desired tone and how it should look and feel.

Information Architecture (IA)
In the case of a website, this phase will consist of creating a sitemap, documenting the content inventory and creating wireframes (basically a blueprint of key pages that show placement and hierarchy of specific features of your website). Some of these same concepts apply to print work and is basically a phase that takes some of the information from Discovery and uses it to create structure.

Design and Development
Producing the design involves completing the first two steps. Armed with the Discovery and IA documents, Yippa will create designs and go through a collaborative review process with your organization until the designs are approved. If it’s a website, development will follow with a testing/QA phase. A functionality and design styleguide will be produced while print projects will be finalized to be sent to a printer.
Project Delivery
The project is completed on time and all files have been delivered to you. Everyone is happy.